ECTRI - European Conference of Transport Research Institutes

Brief description of the legal entity
ECTRI, the European Conference of Transport Research Institutes, is an international non-profit organisation that was founded in April 2003. Its members are 27 major transport research institutes or universities from 20 European countries. Together, they account for more than 3800 European scientific and research staff in the field of transport. The objective of the Association is to promote integrated transport research and development in Europe. The Association realises its objective as a network of research centres between its Members and also provides a platform for the establishment of further research networks. Ιn particular it:

  • promotes co-operation in transport research;
  • creates a platform of exchange for the development of research networks;
  • participates in the structuring of the European Research Area by networks of mobility and training and studies on research infrastructures;
  • stimulates the participation of its Members in European R&D projects in the field of transport.

ECTRI has developed strong relationship with the US through the signature of a MoU in January 2006 with US-Transportation Research Board, and the work of its working Group 10 on EU-US Transport research collaboration that resulted from it. ECTRI has been coordinator or participant in European projects related to transport research, which some concern international cooperation activities. This includes NET-TRACK (networking transport research resources, competencies and knowledge in enlarged EU), EURFORUM (European Research Forum for Urban Mobility), YEAR 2010 (Young European Arena of Research) and DETRA (Developing a European Transport Research Alliance).

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Primary partners description: 
ECTRI acts as project coordinator (and work package leader) and is supported by five of its member institutes throughout all the major activities and tasks of the project.