WP2: Current status, characteristics and issues in international transport research cooperation

The second work package aims to establish current and potential future fields of interest, as well as barriers / gaps / diversions for international cooperative research work in the field of Transport, based on a detailed and well-structured work programme that includes a questionnaire survey to be conducted through bilateral contacts – visits (and /or telephone or web interaction), 3 special workshops, examination of the findings of previous relevant studies and EU funded research projects, and other relevant means. The main objective of this WP is therefore to define the common needs, international cooperation elements, the differences and the divergences between the (transport) research regimes in the various regions/ countries of interest to the ERA-T, in relation to what happens in the EU and inside the ERA-T. The emphasis will be on research content, capabilities, investment, future priorities and potential for cooperation and on the needs and preferences in terms of actions and models of cooperation. The activities of Work Package 2 are coordinated by ECTRI and are further broken down in 9 tasks:

Task 2.1: Organization and execution of bilateral meetings - Questionnaire preparation - coordination of bilateral meetings with third countries

Task 2.2: Organization and execution of 3 regional workshops

Task 2.3: Extraction of the results and recommendations of previous projects and reports

Task 2.4: Programming and governance issues in target countries, including joint programming

Task 2.5: Research infrastructures and their networking - Information and data sharing issues

Task 2.6: Research training and human resource issues – mobility and networking

Task 2.7: Differences in Institutional cultures and research governance regimes

Task 2.8: Pre-standardization and means of harmonizing approaches and practices

Task 2.9: Intellectual Property regimes and their application in transport research