CERTH-HIT - Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Hellenic Institute of Transport

Brief description of the legal entity
The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas is a legal, non-profit entity organized under private law, under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong learning and Religious Affairs). Founded in March 2000, as part of the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas –CERTH, CERTH-HIT aims to carry out basic and applied research with special emphasis in exploiting research results and developing new products and services with industrial, economic and social impact. The Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) is the Greek National Institute for the promotion of Transport Research and Policy support. It focuses on applied research in all fields and modes of Transport, with the aim to provide inputs for policy formulation, documentation of major trends and impacts, formulation of operational rules and procedures, improvement of the operation and transport management. CERTH/HIT has been involved in over 500 European research projects in the decade 2000 - 2010, in many of which as coordinator. It has also an extensive experience and success record in organizing (International and National) Conferences and Workshops in Greece and abroad. CERTH/HIT has long experience in international cooperation activities, related to transportation research. Besides the participation of the institute in international cooperation projects of FP7, such as the VIAJEO project and the DETRA project, CERTH/HIT has been involved in the working group of ECTRI (EU) and TRB (USA) for the assessment of challenges and opportunities in EU/US transport research collaboration. In addition, CERTH/HIT is involved in several international transport research organizations and has an extended network of established contacts throughout the countries addressed by the EUTRAIN project. CERTH/HIT will be largely involved in most of the project activities and tasks in all the Work Packages of the project.

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