TRL - Transport Research Laboratory

Brief description of the legal entity:
TRL is one of the largest and most comprehensive independent centres working in transport in the world. For more than 75 years TRL has developed research-based technical knowledge that enables clients to obtain a better understanding of transport problems, to improve value for money and to generate competitive advantage. TRL works with governments and international funding institutions to set standards for highway and vehicle design, formulate policies on road safety, develop transport strategies, improve transport and the environment, and encourage good traffic engineering practice. TRL employs over 400 technical professionals. TRL has significant experience in collaborative projects in Europe, including the European Framework Programmes, and has also worked in numerous international collaborative projects. TRL has extensive experience in policy analysis and development at a national, European, and international level, having undertaken many projects advising the European Commission and the World Bank. TRL is active in developing standards, and participates in several networks for international collaboration, and will draw on these to identify contacts and experiences relevant to the issues investigated in this project.

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