ERTICO - European Road Transport Telematics Implementation Coordination scrl

Brief description of the legal entity
ERTICO is a multi-sector, public-private partnership pursuing the development and deployment of ITS. With more than 100 partners across the five ITS sectors (public authorities, industry, infrastructure operators, users, and others), it exists to promote a single successful pan-European ITS market and to ensure that European interests are fully represented throughout the world. Through a varied and comprehensive work programme, ERTICO achieves vital synergies and builds the strategic strength required to move ITS from the development stage through implementation and into the market. Our projects focus on issues such as active safety, telematics services, technology integration, traveller information and e-ticketing, interoperability, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and satellite positioning and navigation. ERTICO has cooperated with stakeholders from U.S.A., Japan, China, Brazil, China, India, Russia, South Africa in development and implementation of Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems (CVIS), traffic and traveller information, eco-driving and traffic management, vehicle safety etc. ERTICO also coordinates the Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) secretariat. ERTICO has been leader or participant of numerous R&D projects in ITS. Examples of current projects include Viajeo (transport planning and traffic information systems in Europe, Brazil and China), STADIUM (ITS for large events, in India and South Africa) and IN-TIME. In the past, ERTICO was coordinator of SIMBA and SIMBA II (international cooperation for ITS, in China, India, South Africa and Brazil), DYNASTY (TMC implementation in China), TRIDENT (multimodal transport data exchange specifications), GST (global system for telematics), CVIS (cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems), and MODIBEC (Digital broadcasting in China).

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ERTICO acts as work package leader and is providing its skills and its extended expertise in international cooperation research projects.