FEHRL - Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories

Brief description of the legal entity
Formed in 1989 as the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories, FEHRL provides a coordinated structure for the interests of the thirty plus national research and technical centres in Europe and Internationally. FEHRL’s aim is to encourage collaborative research and information exchange between European Laboratories and Institutes in the field of road engineering as well as to provide relevant knowledge and advice to governments, the European Commission, the road industry and road users on related technologies and policies. FEHRL is engaged in road engineering research topics such as safety, environmental issues, telematics, bridge and pavement engineering and geotechnics. Indicatively, some of the related projects that FEHRL has been, or is, active in include TREE (FP5 Thematic Network on Research Facilities), SIMBA and SIMBA2 (FP6 and FP7 projects on International Cooperation) as well as ERTRAC, ERTRAC2 and SAFIER Coordination Actions.

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Primary partners description: 
FEHRL brings in its large experience in international cooperation research projects, acts as leader of several project activities and is represented additionally by seven member institutes and three international partners, who participate as subcontractors.