CSIR - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Brief description of the legal entity
The CSIR is a State Owned Enterprise based in South Africa. It is the largest R&D organisation on the African continent. It conducts research, development and technology transfer in a number of fields including: the built environment; the natural environment; energy; advanced materials and manufacturing; information and communications technology; biosciences; nanotechnology; laser technology and advanced modelling of complex problems. The CSIR is an Associated Member of FEHRL. CSIR Built Environment, one of the units of the CSIR, operates in the fields of Infrastructure Engineering; Building Science & Technology; Planning Support Systems; Infrastructure Systems & Operations, and Logistics. The Infrastructure Engineering Group’s focus is on the provision of appropriate and innovative engineering solutions for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure assets (e.g. highways, streets, airports, railways and ports) focussing on sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Its competences are in the fields of (a) materials, including traditional, novel, alternative, waste and marginal materials, also supporting environmental engineering and climate change mitigation; (b) engineering design, analysis and modelling; (c) sustainable construction; (d) vehicle-pavement and infrastructure-environment interaction; (e) geotechnical engineering; and (f) Accelerated Pavement Testing (APT). The group is supported by laboratories and workshops, which provide specialised testing services and support the development of new testing equipment and test procedures.

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