DRI - Danish Road Institute

Brief description of the legal entity
DRI, the Danish Road Institute is the national materials research laboratory of the Danish road sector and a branch of the national road administration, the Danish Road Directorate. DRI undertakes research and development, laboratory testing of materials and provides road condition measurements and consultancy services for road infrastructure management. DRI total staff is 80 of which 18 are researchers. The annual turnover is about 7 MEUR. The Road Directorate with a total staff of some 800 employees is responsible for the construction, maintenance and planning of the state road network of currently 3 800 km with 1 000 km motorways. The aim of DRI is to develop new knowledge on road materials and methods to improve the economic efficiency in the construction and maintenance of safe, sustainable and effective road systems. DRI is active in specifying Danish road materials in national standards and in the development of European standards. DRI has specialist teams working on the technology of road materials: natural aggregates, bituminous materials, stabilised materials, recycled materials and by-products and Life Cycle Assessment. The institute has a research group of noise specialists. There is a group of specialists working with climate change, energy and the environment. It has a fully equipped, accredited asphalt and soil mechanics/concrete laboratory for routine and research testing programmes. DRI performs measurements of skid resistance, pavement texture, bearing capacity etc. DRI has over the years been strongly involved in accelerated pavement testing. DRI is actively involved in joint programming especially within the ERA NET Road programme. DRI has participated / is participating in European research projects ECOPAVE, MIAF, NEWPAVE, PARIS, PAVE-ECO, POLMIT, ALTMAT, STAR, SMART STRUCTURES, FORMAT, SAMARIS, SILVIA, SILENCE, INQUEST, DIRACT-MAT, RE-ROAD and PERSUADE. The institute is a member of the European Forum of Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL).

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