CVUT - Czech Technical University in Prague

Brief description of the legal entity
CTU in Prague is a research-oriented university with a 300 years tradition of rigorous study and high academic standards. The main priorities include the ongoing progress of CTU, the maintenance of high standards in teaching, scientific and research work, and in artist activities, the creation of conditions to support outstanding personalities and research teams, further improvement of the university’s integrity in all its study programmes, joint scientific and creative projects and international programmes and cooperation with universities and institutions worldwide. The Faculty of Transportation Sciences participates in developing scientific research and in creatively applying the scientific results and technical activities. Fields of study: Transportation Systems, Economics and Management of Transport and Telecommunications, Informatics and Telecommunications, Transporting Technology, Logistic and Transportation Processes, Mechanics and Materials, Control and Telematics, Air Transport. Broad international cooperation of research teams (eg. EU project INNOTRACK with SNCF, EU project EURNEX with FAV Berlin, Institutet for Transportforskning, Vienna University of Technology, International project ATLAS – CERN), contributing to work on international projects, and organising international conferences. The faculty has cooperated with a number of institutions and companies, such as Czech Railways Int., SkodaAuto Int. Mlada Boleslav, SKANSKA ZS Prague Int., Transportation Research Centre, ELTODO Int., AŽD Prague Ltd., Transportation Enterprise of the Capital City Prague Int., SUDOP Int., METROPROJEKT, Ministry of Transportation and Czech and Slovak combined transport INTRANS Int.

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