EUTRAIN starting date


EUTRAIN is a 2-year European Commission funded project started on October 1, 2011. The main idea and objectives of this concerted effort are to promote International Cooperation in the field of Transport research, to establish the free circulation of specialized knowledge, innovation, best practice experience and know how in facing common transport problems and challenges and create through collaboration the conditions for more “breakthrough” research and achievements that would otherwise require more time and resources if faced individually and separately. In the field of Transport research, the European Union as well as other major national, federal or regional entities of “global” importance such as the U.S., Russia, Mediterranean countries, Korea, Japan, Australia, South America, India, China, and others are buffeted by common transport related problems and challenges. International Cooperation in Transport research is becoming an increasing priority aiming, primarily, at creating “critical mass” in moving collaboratively to solve critical 21st century transportation challenges.

The project is led by ECTRI with as partners: ERTICO, EURNEX, FEHRL, and VOLVO.