DNDI - Shulgin State Road Research Institute

Brief description of the legal entity

DNDI is the main road research institute in Ukraine. It consists of 18 scientific sub-divisions: departments with testing laboratories, main testing centre, agency for certification of road-building materials and road machinery, regional departments in Poltava and Dnepropetrovsk regions, and a regional scientific and technical centre in Lviv. The institute has 200 staff, two thirds of which are researchers. 10 scholars with Dr. Sc. (associate professor) and 15 with (PhD) qualifications work in the institute.
The scope of scientific and technical activities of DNDI covers the whole spectrum of issues of operation and development of road-transport including the development of the theoretical basis, experimental laboratory and field testing, innovative design, scientific and technological validation of results and implementation, repair and reconstruction of roads and bridges.
The institute's scientific and technological focus is on the development of state and applied-research normative and regulatory documents aiming to create national normative basis harmonized with European requirements; design of new road-building materials and processes; creation of new modifying additives for bitumens; development of requirements and norms for special materials and products; scientific and technological validation of implementation of institute development, quality control.

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