Related Entities

The main innovatory element of the project is the structure to be followed that allows for a flexible, multi-party interaction at international level. This interaction is made possible through a “Network of Associated Entities - NAE” and a wider number of “Related Entities - RE”.

Network of Related Entities

The “Network of Related Entities - RE” contains a wider number of Organizations that are of interest to the project and who will be informed on the projects work, results and findings and who will be asked to interact in the same way or participate through representatives in the workshops or other activities of the project.

Moreover, the Network of Related Entities member organizations will be asked to complete this Questionnaire that aims at obtaining a basic understanding of their views, attitudes, and experiences as regards international transport research cooperation.

If your organization is interested in becoming a NRE, please contact the coordinator.

Indicatively, such organizations will be located in:

The following organizations have been contacted and are informed as Related Entities of the project: